See you at our new Pilates studio in Lismore next Monday 22nd June

Celebrating opening of our new Pilates studio in Lismore NSW Australia

The day has arrived for us to reopen! We have missed seeing you all and are beyond excited to share our new space.

It has been nearly four months and nothing could have prepared us for the news of the pandemic restrictions. However, we grabbed onto every little bit of knowledge and strength we had and we are so proud of what we can now offer to our community.

Whilst we were unable to have face-to-face instructions during the COVID-19 restrictions, we have ensured that we maintained contact through social media forums. The offering of the free classes 6 days a week was our acknowledgement and gratitude to you for supporting us through the unprecedented times. For your ongoing support, we thank you!

Our phenomenal Northern Rivers Pilates team has been brilliant and stayed strong, supporting themselves through every means of cyber teaching available and we all remained in contact encouraging each other to keep striving for knowledge, moving our bodies for wellness and discovery of movement to share with you all when we returned.

Some changes in our staff …

  • Introducing our newest team member, Kevin Privett. Kevin and I first met nearly 18 years ago when we were in Sydney at uni together doing the Pilates Diploma. He comes to us not only highly qualified and experienced as you can read in his bio, but with an amazing personality and flare to teach.
  • Rhiannan will be stepping away from her reception duties. She has been doing her Diploma of Pilates while in isolation and will be continuing to do so. Exciting news is, you can have a private training session with her on the equipment on Wednesdays for a semi private price, you can do this online.
  • Caitlin will be stepping in at the reception covering Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm and Wednesday evenings.
  • Maddi, Sam and I are excited to be back and bringing you innovation to your workouts.

New hours of operation

Monday to Thursday:  6.30 AM – 630 PM
Friday 6.30 AM – 12.30 PM

Introduction of mat / barre classes

Every week day at 9:30 AM and 5.30 PM, you now have access to mat/barre and studio classes. We listened to how much everyone was enjoying the Facebook Live mat classes and want to offer those ongoing. Joseph Pilates said that if you did Pilates 4 times a week for 3 months you would establish a whole new body health. I want this possibility made for everyone. Mat classes enable the purse strings to stretch further. I highly recommend you complement your studio sessions with the mat classes and see how strong you will feel. I am so excited to be able to offer this extra modality for you. You can do a mat class for under $10 a class. We have an unlimited class offer card for only $200 with an expiry of 12 weeks from the date of purchase. So you can attend a class every day of the week which would mean you are getting your class for $3. You can not go wrong with this deal. All classes must be booked and we will have a cut off on unlimited class card holder at any one time to ensure we do not over populate the classes. We have our Private face-book group available with classes on tap for you. Only $10 a month.

Studio / rehab sessions

How wonderful to have the high ceilings and extra space for the new equipment. Yes, you will notice new equipment to tantalise the muscles!

What to expect when you return for classes

  • Please adhere to our COVID-safe Plan – It is available on our website as well as in the studio.
  • When arriving – (no more than 5 minutes prior to session please) shoes are to be taken off at the front door. There is a shoe rack and seat on the left for you to store your shoes.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available and washing of hands in the toilet area.
  • We have a cloak room with cubes to store your gear, hat stand to hang your clothes, etc.
  • Toilets and change rooms are available for your use
  • We have a waiting area, please be considerate of sitting apart from one another and you can use the mat area to roll out your feet if not in use.
  • Please come and see Caitlin or myself to ensure we have your future bookings in order, and I haven’t made any human error. This is also the opportunity to see if you have any sessions left or need to pay. Thank you.
  • When finishing your workouts, esure your mats and small equipment are wiped. Please do not linger in the studio at these times so we can maintain our quantity of people ratio. Please sanitise or wash your hands before leaving and do not leave items behind. We will not be storing lost property.
  • Smile you just did an awesome workout for yourself. Whoo hoo.

COVID SAFE INSTRUCTIONS Northern Rivers Pilates Lismore

How to book your appointment online – it’s very simple, I promise!

  1. Book from our Facebook site @ northernriverspilates or website
  2. Select your class and the dates will become bold where the class is available. Then choose the class.
  3. You will then be required to give your details to register for the class.
  4. hen you can choose to register for an account. I highly recommend you do this as it it allows you to have control over future bookings.
  5. To cancel or reschedule a booking you just click on your booking and then choose to delete or reschedule.

Caitlin will be very happy to go through this step by step process with you if you would like the assistance.

Just a quick checklist for your first class:

Bring along:

  • Grippy socks (available for purchase at the studio)
  • A full-sized towel (available for hire $5 at the studio)
  • Water bottle, we will not have any plastic cups available
  • Pilates mat if coming to Pilates Mat, we do have these for purchase or we can order you one.

Above all, if you are not feeling well please stay at home and do our Live Virtual classes instead or take a rest.

We cant wait to see you! Any questions just send us an email at:

Kimberley and the Northern Rivers Pilates team

Northern Rivers Pilates Kimberley Garlick2021

About the Author

Kimberley Garlick is a Certified Polestar Studio/Rehab Practitioner and Educator/Mentor for Polestar International.

As the director of the Northern Rivers Pilates studio located in Lismore, NSW Australia, she prides herself on her staff and in delivering the highest quality of Pilates movement, updated information and personal guidance for all clients.

Unable to attend classes in our studio, check-out our online videos.