Studio / Rehab Pilates Sessions


Studio sessions are suitable for anyone wanting to decrease pain, rehabilitate an injury, improve their pelvic floor, regain body harmony after birth will find the equipment opens up their mind to reconnecting with their body and gaining their life back. The other end of the spectrum with the Pilates Studio is it is excellent for Sports performance, injury prevention, horse riders, ballet dancers to gain optimum results from their body.

Every person receives an individual tailored workout to meet their own personal requirements.  No one person is receiving the same workout at the same time. The equipment designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s functions on a spring system that ensures you are working the muscles both when in work or stretch (concentric and eccentric phases). This system is brilliant when rehabilitating an injury or recovering from surgery as it can be very gentle and supportive.

All our instructors are fully qualified in the Pilates studio environment and belong to Pilates Professional bodies.

 Initial Assessment

Is paramount to you gaining results.  We will chat to you personally about your objectives/goals, history as well as  have the opportunity to see how your body is currently working and what we need to work on to have you feeling your best.

Private Pilates

These one on one sessions are great for recovering an injury,  or if you just enjoy the hands on experience.

Semi Privates

Sessions have a maximum of 4-5 participants depending on the instructor.  These sessions are tailored to the individual as they walk through the door. You will be using all the studio equipment.  We recommend this for people who are familiar Pilates  or have had their initial assessment and both they themselves and their practitioner felt they would be competent in this session.

Initial Consult $115.00 

Private Pilates $115.00 

Private Pilates 10 pack $990.00 

Semi Private Drop in $50.00

Semi Private 10 pack $350.00


Mat Classes

We have multi-level Pilates mat classes. 

The classes are done on the mat on the floor in our upstairs studio. 

We recommend all participants to be able body with no acute injury at the time of participation. 

The classes may use small apparatus such as the rollers, balls and bands.

Drop in Mat Class $25.00 

10 Pack $180.00 


High Bridge

Pilates Barre Classes

The Pilates barre classes combine Pilates exercises with the ballet barre. 

These classes are a little more intense and we recommend the class for the person looking for an extra workout in their week.

The barre classes are an overall strength and conditioning Pilates class with an extra element of dance training techniques. 

You do not have to have any dance experience to enjoy this workout.

Drop in Barre Class $25.00 

10 Pack $180.00

Reformer Classes

FLOW:  As our class names suggests, Flow is a feel good class that flow through creative sequences as a slower pace. Help you find you connect your mind and body awareness.
Leave feeling a little more longer, grounded and fulfilled. 

If you have never done a reformer class before, this is a great starting point. 

DYNAMIC:  This is a higher impact class focusing on muscle building and toning and progressing in your movement journey 

We will get the heart rate up with some of our favourite exercises to leave you feeling powerful and in control in this dynamic cardio-focused class.

This class is designed to be a faster moving class and to help you get a sweat on.

Leave feeling a little more longer, grounded and fulfilled.  These classes are designed for the fit and able bodies. It is an amazing Pilates workout with an experience and qualified practitioner. 

Drop in Reformer Class $35.00 

10 Pack Reformer $250.00


Reformer Pilates class