Client love

Hi Kimberley, Thank you so much for your time.  Since birthing my son 3 years ago I have been struggling to engage in consistent care of myself through exercise and nutrition. I appreciated your gentle and methodical guidance when collaborating with me to create a nourishing health and wellness plan. I haven’t found goal setting helpful in the past, though focusing on what I would like to feel in myself as a foundation for the goals was brilliant. The goals and focus I have created are really achievable and I am looking forward to feeling fabulous in myself again. Thank you so very much. Warm regards.


As a roofer / bodyboarder / soccer player and father, my body craves my weekly Pilates sessions. I’ve been going once a week for a few years now. Prior to this, I tried nearly everything to get my body right and the crew at NRP were the only ones who could get results with their exceptional attention to my personal needs, techniques, equipment and care. I haven’t been in a couple of months now and I don’t resonate with online classes as it’s the instructors and equipment I resonate with. I’m feeling similar issues to three years ago are returning. I and a lot of other people need it and personally I just want them to be able to be classified as essential so they never have to close. The benefits go beyond body to also mental health. My instructors Kev, Kim, Rhi and Maddi should be considered essential to my wellbeing because they are. Pilates prevents clogging up medical departments with body and mental health issues.  Thoroughly enjoy my Pilates and can not wait to be back. Thank you.


I am amazed at your ability to awaken kinaesthetic inspiration in me. I am so very grateful you are continuing your work.


It is so wonderful having you guys in my life. I am so grateful for your support personally, but I believe what you do in your work and business generally is priceless.


Pilates complements dancing perfectly …

I encourage any dance students who are eager to improve and dance to the best of their ability to do Pilates at Northern Rivers Pilates. Pilates is the perfect complement to dancing, it strengthens and lengthens muscles, improves coordination of breath and movement, increases flexibility and range of motion. The team at Northern Rivers Pilates have all been trained dancers and are aware of dancers’ needs. Kimberley has a beautiful holistic approach which engages the minds awareness of the body and its responses and goes above and beyond for the students’ needs. Lismore doesn’t know how lucky they are to have such a caring, professional world class studio.


Laying in the emergency department in January I was conflicted.  I should have been grateful to have survived the nearly 4m fall over an internal balcony (and I was), but the overriding feeling was despair….I was 52 and had completely shattered my right hip and fractured my pelvis in three places. Being told I would never run again was crushing news.  You see, up until the accident, every morning I would lace up my shoes, plug into a Spotify playlist that would wake the dead and pound out a comfortable 5k run.  That feeling you get when your breathing eases and you settle in that meditative rhythm.  Bliss.  After the fall, I had absolutely no confidence in my body.  Walking was painful, swimming hurt my shoulders (also injured in the accident), I was too scared to ride my bike and my physio exercises weren’t challenging me or giving me the progress I needed.  I felt like my body wasn’t my own.  I couldn’t move, I gained weight. Everything hurt. I knew Kimberley and Rhiannon from my daughter’s ballet days and I needed people I knew and trusted.  So I booked a series of private lessons at the Studio with Rhi.  Absolutely, the best decision on my rehab journey. Rhi is an incredibly talented instructor. If an exercise freaked me out she would adapt it on the fly to ensure I felt safe but always challenged. She could tell me exactly where I should be feeling the movement and was so supportive and encouraging. I could feel the muscles and nerves reconnecting and my confidence returning.  Rhi reminds me very much of my daughter. They’re both softly spoken, kind souls with a keen intelligence that underpins everything they do and that was very comforting to work with. COVID has put a hold on my Studio activity but my time with Rhi has given me enough strength and confidence that I’m back on my bike and churning out a lazy 20k ride every morning before work.  So, I thank you so much Rhi…you made an incredible difference in my world.


More than a decade ago, I met a wonderful woman who changed my view of Pilates – you Kimberley! I vividly remember your clear and engaging teachings, as well as your encouragement placed in me. In 2002, something has been set in motion, that changed the way my life unfolded – thank you! I meant to tell you for a while, you still inspire me and I still talk about you in my courses. Much love

Karin Gurtner

Kimberley is an amazing instructor! Apart from her vast array of knowledge in Pilates and background in ballet, she has such a welcoming and warm nature which really fits in with the Lismore vibe. Her staff are great, clients too. You feel right at home in her spacious studio. Lismore people are so lucky they have her! I travelled from Brisbane to Lismore every Tuesday for 6 months to work with her. Up at 3am. Worth every km and every minute I lost sleep. Thank you Kimberley. 🙂

FYI…5 stars…no where near enough stars here to rate Kimberley…she is chocolate! 😉 everyone loves chocolate.

Scott Robinson

We really love the classes and teachers and feel we have been very well looked after. We are so happy we found your studio! Thanks so much!

Yvette & Kristen

I had a great class yesterday, Sam was lovely and used lots of analogies which I really connect to.  It was actually very similar to your classes which I always found enjoyable yet challenging.   It’s great to be back.


I’m absolutely loving barre.


Maddi is an absolutely wonderful teacher and has an almost innate sense of what my body needs. She listens so closely and pushes just enough to make me feel challenged but supported. She always says she has learned almost everything from her Mum and I think that is so special. I was stiff and sore everywhere and grieving terribly when I first met Maddi over a year ago. She and the other gorgeous women at NRP have helped me to feel like have a new body and helped me heal all over. Maddi has healing hands, a big beautiful heart and is a natural and gifted teacher. Life is infinitely better for me because of Maddie, Kimberley, Sam and Rhiannon. Thank you so much….forever grateful. ❤️


Thanks so much for making contact…. such a thoughtful and lovely thing to do. I hadn’t ever done a barre class before and I absolutely loved it. Kevin was fabulous….what a great teacher and what a warm and lovely man. I really loved the fact that in this class I could do things that I struggle with in mat Pilates classes. I’ve had bilateral hip replacement with an anterior approach in 2015 and  for a variety of reasons I haven’t done enough exercise over the last couple of years and my hip flexors are terrible, e.g. I find table top almost impossible. But in the barre class with the band etc. I was able to do much more in that respect.

I will be a regular at the Thursday Barre 530pm class.


Feeling my worked out arms today … love it! Thanks for bringing back the Mat classes as I’m am really enjoying them.


I’m loving Pilates and the new studio is welcoming and it’s nice to have a bit more room to move around. I’m so glad to be able to access low cost classes whenever I want, it’s really motivating! Love your work, thx