Client love 2020

Feeling my worked out arms today … love it! Thanks for bringing back the Mat classes as I’m am really enjoying them. 


I’m loving Pilates and the new studio is welcoming and it’s nice to have a bit more room to move around. I’m so glad to be able to access low cost classes whenever I want, it’s really motivating! Love your work, thx


I’m absolutely loving barre.


Thanks so much for making contact…. such a thoughtful and lovely thing to do. 

I hadn’t ever done a barre class before and I absolutely loved it. Kevin was fabulous….what a great teacher and what a warm and lovely man. I really loved the fact that in this class I could do things that I struggle with in mat Pilates classes. I’ve had bilateral hip replacement with an anterior approach in 2015 and  for a variety of reasons I haven’t done enough exercise over the last couple of years and my hip flexors are terrible… e.g. I find table top almost impossible. But in the barre class with the band etc. I was able to do much more in that respect.

I will be a regular at the Thursday Barre 530pm class.



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