Online video training – Pilates for Wellbeing

Why use online training?

  • It’s cost effective
  • You get the Pilates for Wellbeing program for LIFE
  • It’s taught by an internationally recognised Pilates specialist – Kimberley Garlick
  • You can train anywhere, anytime and on any electronic device that supports videos

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Discover basics of Pilates from pelvic clocks, bent knee fall outs for pelvic mobility and stability. You will be introduced to movements to improve your deeper core muscles as well as overall abdominal strength in movements like the chest lift. Introduction to upper body strength and head neck and shoulder alignment in quadruped also known as 4-point kneeling. Improve your spinal mobility into basic extension. You will have introduction into roll down and basic balance work.

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Pilates Room training videos with Kimberley Garlick Lismore NSW Australia

Online video training with 10 levels of Pilates practice to choose and grow with in your own time. Lifetime access and a $79 one-time payment. No hitches just good value!