Creating a clear path without the white noise PART 1 of 3

Removing white noise from our brain

Your brain is a gift of life and how you feed your brain can then mirror your path of successes.

The brain continues to grow through your life especially when we give it new things to learn, goals to go after or ask it to change a preconceived idea.

Lou Tice said “All meaningful and lasting changes start on the inside and work its way out”.  How we think is how we live.

The human mind is NOT fixed, you can take charge of your thinking and there really is not much that we can not do.

There is a lot of research and reading material about our RAS (your Reticular Activating System) which in a way is like your personal search engine. To gain growth in your mindset and not become stuck is finding your true potential and taking power over your own mind. Others can assign or implement value or threat to you and then you determine whether that is of benefit or needs to put into junk mail.

There is no short cut to hacking the system of your most powerful life tool, your brain, but simple changes daily, weekly monthly and yearly can lead to dramatic life changes for good.

“If you are told long enough that you are something or someone your RAS focuses on that and you become that. You search out everything to support that presumed theory of yourself that is most likely been given to you by someone else. I am just not that good at maths I never have been, or I am untidy I always have been, I am too fidgety to be able to study, he just loves his food and so will never lose the weight.” … you get the idea.

Accomplishments in life, no matter how small or big, can act like springboards into your future endeavours. The word goals can sometimes run shivers down the spine to some people, but the word WHY may be an alternative word for you. The language you choose in self talk is extremely important. It must never be negative, but it also has to resonate as part of you. How to reframe our mindset can be a tool that revolutionises your approach to daily tasks. For example, negative talk such as I have to do my Pilates three times a week, or darn I have to clean the house or YUK I have to study could become something more like. I deserve to live in a healthy body and be able to do what I want to do with the people I love and Pilates 3 times a week will help me do that, or I love living in a clean space and a home I am proud of that brings comfort to me after a hard day’s work and keeping it clean is a sign of gratitude for all the hard work I do to live here. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more and create a path towards my ultimate outcome. Give it a go, ask yourself WHY you need to clean the car or turn up to work or pay for your car rego or submit that assignment or cook dinner. You can turn your whole day from a downer to an upper in just a few sentences. Life is a gift and every daily task in it is giving you a springboard towards a brighter you.

We aren’t born with beliefs, this is given to us through environment and in turn becomes our TRUTH. So for example if you were raised in a household and told your entire life that you are going to be a DR like your Mother then that is your truth you may have qualities to become an architect or a drummer but you are wired for something else until you allow that acknowledgement to emerge, or if you are told that you are a certain religion from the day you are born that is your TRUTH purely based on the information your RAS has been fed. None of this is wrong it is human nature to envelope our loved ones with our values to keep our herd close. It is important to remember that you have the power to rewire your RAS and learn more and empower your thought tentacles to all new levels of gathered information.

The most powerful statement I have heard of late is that “We self regulate at the level of our beliefs not at our potential”. Once we accept opinions it becomes our fact and I have seen this overtime with people gaining scan results of injuries that becomes their fact and reality. “I am so broken that I can’t be healthy or optimally moving” I am here to tell you that participation makes you well not the diagnosis or the pain markers. Ask yourself WHY do you no longer want to be in pain?  Answers like this often follow, I want to be able to ride my horse again, or I want to be able to participate in life with my grandchild, etc.

The first step toward fulfilled reality is to change your focus because nothing has meaning until we give meaning to it. You may have also noticed in yourself it is impossible to be negative when moving. So when you are feeling low and if you are lying on the couch, stand up and shake your body around or go for a walk or do a roll down. You got the gist. Remember ask yourself WHY.

I hope this helps you begin a new neural pathway activity. I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to complete my Neural Linguistics Certified training and I want to share my learnings with you along the way.


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About the Author

Kimberley Garlick is a Certified Polestar Studio/Rehab Practitioner and Educator/Mentor for Polestar International.

As the director of the Northern Rivers Pilates studio located in Lismore, NSW Australia, she prides herself on her staff and in delivering the highest quality of Pilates movement, updated information and personal guidance for all clients.

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