Pilates programs


We require that you complete an Assessment (Pre-Activity) Questionnaire which enables us to understand your health conditions and/or issues and tailor a Pilates program specific to your needs.

Private one-on-one sessions with a
Northern Rivers Pilates qualified practitioner

Semi-private sessions (4 people), duo sessions
with our qualified Pilates practitioners

See program descriptions below.

Mat and Barre classes with our qualified Pilates practitioners

See program descriptions below.

Mat classes

Northern Rivers Pilates’ Mat classes are suitable for able bodies — we do not recommend those classes for people with acute injuries, but to see us in the studio environment. We have an extensive array of highly qualified instructors and classes available. The Mat and Barre classes are designed for the clientele to work their bodies with gravity rather than the assistance of the Pilates equipment.  The Mat classes offer an overall body workout.  We ensure that you work through all 4 planes of the body and provide a very balanced ‘inside to outside’ workout that will leave you feeling challenged yet invigorated and symmetrical.

You will need to bring your own mat and wear comfortable workout clothes and socks.

Northern Rivers Pilates
Northern Rivers Pilates

Barre classes

The Barre classes are a unique play on Pilates embracing the physicality of the Ballet barre and are suitable for dancers

All Northern Rivers Pilates instructors who teach barre come from an extensive dance and Pilates background and will challenge your body in a unique way only known to the ballet world. 

You will awake the weaker deeper muscles and lengthen the stronger superficial muscles.

You will need to bring your own mat, thero band and wear comfortable workout clothes and socks.

NOTE:  Thero bands can be purchased from our studio for $10

Northern Rivers Pilates
Northern Rivers Pilates

Studio classes

Studio classes are suitable for anyone wanting to decrease pain, rehabilitate an injury, improve their pelvic floor, regain body harmony after birth will find the equipment opens up their mind to reconnecting with their body and gaining their life back. The other end of the spectrum with the Pilates Studio is it is excellent for Sports performance, injury prevention, horse riders, ballet dancers to gain optimum results from their body.

Every person receives an individual tailored workout to meet their own personal requirements.  No one person is receiving the same workout at the same time. The equipment designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s functions on a spring system that ensures you are working the muscles both when in work or stretch (concentric and eccentric phases). This system is brilliant when rehabilitating an injury or recovering from surgery as it can be very gentle and supportive.

All our instructors are fully qualified in the Pilates studio environment and belong to the Pilates Professional bodies.

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