Utilising the Pilates workouts to your best advantage

Pilates working for you

Joseph Pilates developed the exercise format “Contrology” to create a “whole body Health” workout for all. Joseph Pilates suggested that in 10 Pilates sessions you will feel different, 20 Pilates sessions people will notice a difference, 30 Pilates sessions you will have a new body. The words NEW BODY sound a little exaggerated but it is very real when your mind/body communication becomes clearer.

When your mind understands the language to speak to your body it moves more efficiently and then can perform with ease, pain free with better posture. You will gain strength, flexibility and coordination. I guarantee you will feel energised with Pilates in your life.

Getting started. The 10 classes are designed to become more challenging each class. We have called them week 1-week 10. Week 1, the most basic of the classes is designed to introduce the Pilates principles through movement. I suggest you pause and repeat the exercises when needed. There is no time frame. You have the workouts now forever so you do not have to move through the 10 weeks quickly. You all have your own journey to undertake and this format allows you to do that. Gaining the concepts of Pilates through your classes/sessions or online workout in a conscious and controlled environment will eventually enable you to move throughout your day engaging muscles correctly in an unconscious manner.

Understanding the principles behind the Pilates Method is vital to gain maximum benefit. Breathing is the number one priority in movement.

Exercise for breathing is in your week 1 along with some new terminology such as neutral pelvis or spine. I also have a blog on finding your neutral spine.

Terminology such as spinal articulation may be new to you. Spinal articulation is about having your spine move in segments. Often due to imbalance or overactive muscle recruitment our spine moves in large clumps rather than the small segments that the vertebrae (bones in your spine) are meant to do. When this occurs we end up working incorrectly and out of balance that can then lead to discomfort or even injury.

I will always design a workout that challenges all ranges of movement for your body. All planes of movement become more challenging as you progress through the classes. Listen to your body, you may also choose to utilise the exercise you learn earlier if some part of the class is too challenging.

You know what is totally awesome about Pilates is you are not only getting a workout for your body but you are educating yourself about yourself.

I want to create an open line of communication with you. You are not on your own. Stay in touch I can give you hints and advice whenever you need it.

Pilates is special, start today and you will never look back.

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About the Author

Kimberley Garlick is a Certified Polestar Studio/Rehab Practitioner and Educator/Mentor for Polestar International.

As the director of the Northern Rivers Pilates studio located in Lismore, NSW Australia, she prides herself on her staff and in delivering the highest quality of Pilates movement, updated information and personal guidance for all clients.

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