COVID-19: Keeping you stimulated and alert

COVID-19 Keeping you stimulated

My personal ideas and opinions

Several people have asked me to share some ideas and opinions about our current situation during the world Pandemic of COVID – 19. I love to write, not professing to be particularly brilliant at it; however if I bring a ripple of solace or education to anyone who reads my material it is definitely worth a little of my time, even if it brings more of a comedic relief than enlightenment to my readers.

Many of us sat dumbfounded at the news on Sunday evening 22nd March 2020 when our livelihood, passion or earning capacity was pulled from underneath us or someone we knew. Jaws dropped, shoulders stooped, eyes watered, SHOCK settled momentarily until we created our individual responses. Responses that may have been new emotions to you as nothing like this has happened in anyone’s lifetime.

Reflecting 5 days later and understanding our response mechanics may help us move forward individually in a manner that is appropriate for you. We are all cellularly wired very differently and we will work better if we strategize a forward pathway that compliments you and supports your thinking and behaviour.

This is the first time in history that the entire world can relate to one another, sympathise and support each other as every person has been affected in some way. Energy responses can be transmitted through your reactions and your thoughts. How we communicate, respond, act or react is going to affect every living organism surrounding you.

We all have various personality traits of varying degrees and that is how our wonderful world evolves as we are all different and therefore contribute differently. Having the same parents rarely equates to siblings with the same personality profile.

Our personal response to losing one of our main roles in life eg, business or financial provider to no longer being able to partake in normal recreational activities will vary and it is not a time to make judgement on people who react differently to you.

There are two main areas of our personality traits that determine our responses in new situations and our stress reactions. The first area of our personality trait is the Thinking/Feeling component. How our brain receptors may be determining the dialogue, communication and coping mechanisms.

People who reacted to the COVID-19 news by going into immediate ‘fix it’ mode are more likely to be from the Thinking category. Creating new plans of crisis action, looking at financial implications and how to minimise effect, trying to find out more information, gain facts to deliver concise steps on how to move forward. They may want to band-aid the immediate problem to calm the scenario whilst diligently working towards a full plan to heal the open wound. In such times of heightened stress, they may come across a little cold, calculated and distant but in their heart, brain, soul and entire being they are helping protect the people they love and respect.

Thinking personality traits may have interrupted sleep due to their brain trying to continually plan and create ideas to fix the issue. Although your information may save the business and keep you up and running financially when life returns to normal, remember the people nearest and dearest to you, your clientele, or business colleagues also need to hear and know you care about more than the bottom line. Communicate with them and inform them about what you are doing and that you hear their individual stories and hardships and that you are doing everything you can to help them. You will bring confidence to them in a time of uncertainty.

On the flip side of this personality quadrant are the people who want to reach out and hug, in normal circumstances, therefore COVID – 19 social distancing rules makes this an extremely traumatic time for Feeling orientated people as they want to ensure everyone is OK. Feeling people will be more inclined to ask if you are OK, how are you feeling, you will want to ensure the most vulnerable are being looked after, taking care of all around them. You may need guidance to stay on track to save the business or financial situation.

Everyone will feel the outpour of support from you and you may find yourself in a slump of being overwhelmed by the human cost of COVID -19. Not just those who contract or die from the virus but how the entire world is vulnerable. The feeling-based personality trait of someone though will also look at the positives of COVID – 19, for example, the planet rejoicing or being able to spend quality time with their family, or the opportunity to work on projects they have longed to do. The feeling-based persons are looking at the human collateral damage before the financial implications. In this time your support will be very welcomed but be sure to protect yourself, careful of carrying burdens of others, stay away from social media sensationalism as your brain/soul and body have enough on your plate. As much as you would prefer to just provide loving support to your nearest and dearest remember this will end and you need to focus on planning to be financially viable on the other side.

The second area of our personality quadrant that plays a substantial role into our crisis reactions is judging/perceiving traits. If you are someone or work/live/socialise with someone who generally is planning and quite likes a diarised life the COVID-19 situation may create anxiety. The judging personality trait may struggle as their future is on hold with concrete end date in sight. If this is you or you know someone of this nature, firstly acknowledge this is a very different period in life in fact history. People telling you that everyone is in the same position or constantly being told that well you are not the only person who has had to change their plans is not helpful.

The judging personality is completely aware of the situation, but it is a very difficult time to not have their yearly calendar carefully mapped and colour-coded. This could be a time to tap into another personality trait available to you. Even though not an instinct it can be a learnt coping strategy being able to create more flexibility in your planning. Trying to control a situation that is not able to be controlled will cause further angst but being in control of your daily routine may help. Plan daily rather than too far ahead. Create new scaffolding towards your plans, goals, business. Use this time to become the most effective proposition you can be. It is very rare that an opportunity to rethink and build strategies towards ultimate goals could be given to you. Work out what is important on the calendar you already had. Learning to have a little more flexibility in your future may bring succour in the future for you.

Perceiving personality traits tend to be more spontaneous and able to have a change of plans with little impact on you emotionally. If the COVID–19 news isn’t rocking your world personally or to drastically, you are most likely taking it in your stride. Right now, you are a little ray of sunshine to people around you as it would appear you are taking this very calmly and most likely embracing the fact that you now have time to finish a piece of artwork or look at what your life can bring now with a forced STOP sign. This may even be the crossroads you were waiting for to look at your current place in the work force and ensure it is where you want to be or if you want to turn right now instead of left.

Many people would be admiring your composure but to some your appearance of complacency may be frustrating. Understand you strolling through the marketplace or along the path with your dog with a spring in your step, may be confronting to others. Some people may be feeling completely overwhelmed with the sudden change of plans. You do you, but also don’t take to heart if people’s spirit may be less than your desired reaction. As the restrictions of a lock down come into light, being unable to change your day as you please may come as quite a jolt. Your carefree spirit may be compromised if put into lock down.

Therefore, prepare with some innovative ideas within your personal space, whether that is redecorating your room, creating themes around dinner time, trying new online workouts. Having spontaneity available to you in your confinement will be helpful.

So amid all of this new CRAZY, we have to remember we are all different and if you can tap into our opposite quadrant that isn’t naturally us we may weave new inspirations and motivations to be even more than we think we are capable of. These new times are different and will be difficult for us, but we can use the time to be better selves. Be tolerant, patient and understanding of each other’s differences and LISTEN. If we open our ears and hear before we employ our opinions on others, we may learn a little more to broaden our horizons, the time now is not about being right every time.

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Smiles, Kimberley Garlick

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Kimberley Garlick is a Certified Polestar Studio/Rehab Practitioner and Educator/Mentor for Polestar International.

As the director of the Northern Rivers Pilates studio located in Lismore, NSW Australia, she prides herself on her staff and in delivering the highest quality of Pilates movement, updated information and personal guidance for all clients.

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