Classes and Cost

Sports-specific Pilates workouts

Kimberley also designs workouts for sports specifics getting excellent results with all levels and types of athletes from dancers to horse riders so soccer and hockey to golf and swimming have someone understand the biomechanics of your sport to get optimum sport results for your body. Excellent for injury prevention and or rehabilitation.

Fees and terms

  • All bookings are organised by our staff or you can use our online booking system at:
  • All makeup classes must be made up within the 12 week time – they cannot be carried over into the following term
  • All payments are required at time of consultation and we do not refund unused cards.
Private sessionsFee
Initial consultation$93.50
Block of 10 prepaid private sessions$880
Semi private sessionsFee
Group of up to 4 persons with Kimberley$38.50 per person
Block of 10 prepaid sessions with Kimberley$330
Duo session $60